Some of Kevin`s Favourite Places in Hakone

Come with Kevin and see some of his favourite places in Hakone and practice your English listening! How much can you understand?

Airbnb-How to be a Successful Host

Personal Assistant Wanted

Personal Assistant Definition:

Basically, the job would be me asking you to help with whatever I need done. Sometimes guest house data collection, translation, writing or whatever. It will vary.

At the moment-this is mostly what I need help with-

Do you know Excel?

Assistant wanted who can enter data using Excel and look up and print out information. *You need to come to our house in Asao ku, Shinyurigaoka.

Work schedule is flexible.

Working from your home may be possible.

As well as teach English, I also have a guest house business. We have two guest houses near Hakone.

We need to collect a lot of data for the authorities about guests now, under the law.

I need help with this work.

I may need help with other work as well to do with teaching or the guest houses.

Kevin and his family


Salary: ¥1,011/hour


1 Free English class per week at Kevin’s Shinyurigaoka English School or at Kevin’s Minamiashigarashi English

The class is on: Tuesday 8-9 pm at our Asao-ku, Shinyurigaoka Kevin’s English School or on Thursday 7:20-8:20 pm in Minamiashigarashi.

Contact Us!

How to Worry Less

Take care of yourself. Be good to yourself.

Practice Mindfulness:

Our minds are made to think many thoughts. To go from one thought to another.

Mindful awareness or Mindfulness is about just watching yourself and the world around you without judging anything as good or bad. Just watch it and yourself like a movie.

You can practice a mindful meditation by just becoming aware of your breathing (your breath). Close your eyes and experience your breathing.

Count your breaths from 1-10, then start over. Try to do this for 5-20 minutes.

-This lowers stress.

Be Kind to Yourself

You are allowed to make mistakes. You don’t have to be perfect. Give yourself permission to suck!

Being hard on yourself makes changing yourself difficult. When you think negative thoughts about yourself, try to argue against them like a good politician or lawyer.

Or simply ignore these negative thoughts, like they are a barking dog.

-not important. Annoying, but not important.

-just go on with your day, ignoring these thoughts.

-And celebrate your successes more!

Do Self Observation and Evaluation

-Know your weaknesses and think about how to improve them.

-be honest about your strengths and weaknesses

-but be kind and gentle about them, because sometimes you will make mistakes. Or fail.

For example, you might ask yourself, 

“What made it harder this time for me to skip the drink, or use a gentler tone with my partner, or exercise when I felt panic coming on?” he says. “There’s always an answer — and finding it often leads to tremendous growth.”

–Dr. Craig Malkin

Take Care of your Health

sleep well!

exercise improves mood. Go for a run, play tennis, shoot around a basketball hoop, swim or lift weights-all will reduce stress.

anxiety and depression has been shown to be reduced by exercise.

keep a food diary. Food affects mood very much. What are you eating?

Keep your Friendships & the relationships with Relatives healthy

-but end unhealthy relationships

-do fun things with your family and friends sometimes. Take a break from work or study.


Kevin`s Shinyurigaoka English School

Resume of Kevin Burns

How to Study English





Can we talk?

Hi Everyone,
(For university students)
I just wanted to say this: 
I’ve lived in Japan for over 30 years. I understand a lot of Japanese even though when I speak I make many mistakes. Being an English teacher trains your ears to hear many things.
Please respect me by learning some basic English like: “Excuse me, can I go to the bathroom.”  
-Writing your name in English on assignments.
– Buying and bringing your textbook, not using an old textbook with all the answers in it.
*The teachers here are my friends. If you have complaints about other teachers, don’t complain about my friends in our classroom please.
If you have complaints about me. Please come and talk to me, or please write it on the survey I will give you to write. Please don’t complain about me or make rude comments about me to other students in our classroom. 
I will do my best to respect you in our classroom. But if you are acting disrespectful, bullying, or other rude behavior, I will have to do something about it.
As I am Canadian, you may not understand the logic of why we are doing certain things, or why I teach in a very different way from your Japanese teachers. But try to enjoy a different cultural experience.  
Lastly, if you sit in our classroom and do nothing. I will just fail you. I will not yell at you. Participation is very important.
Kevin Burns