Which do you like better, big cities or the countryside?

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June 8th Class

What do you think about the Tokyo Olympics?

5 Topics

Decide for Yourself – quotes. What do you think they mean? (p.10 Decide for yourself)

Tell your partner a story. (1-3 minutes) Your partner has to guess the movie or book title of your story. (groups – breakout rooms)

Talk a Lot 2 p. 37 #6 Past Experiences Sennah and Shanaya feed phrases.

June 15th

What is your favourite food?

Talk a Lot p. 38,39 and 40

Talk your Head Off p. 82 & 83 The Homeless and Welfare Continue

Amusement Parks

What did you eat for lunch?

Today`s topic:

Talk your Head Off p. 86 & 87 Disasters


What tricks can your dog do?

Tonight`s topic:

Annoying things

What do you think about Jeff Bezos?

Tonight`s topic:

Talk your Head Off p. 94 & 95 Gambling

Culture Shock and adapting to the USA

What is spring like in California?

Today`s topic:

Talk your Head Off p. 98 & 99 War and the Military

Ask me 5 questions

Tell me about a tv show, movie and book you have read in the past few months.

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